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Monday, December 12, 2011

Steven's Neurologist Appointment

So today I took Steven back to the neurologist.  The good news is that she doesn't see a big difference on the exam from when we were there in October.  She did say that she would like to see if we can move up Steven's MRI that is currently scheduled for the 22nd.  She is hopeful that there may be an earlier MRI opening, but that we were told we couldn't get in until the 22nd because there wasn't a sedation opening.  She said if that's the case, she was hopeful that she could "sweet talk" the nurses to squeezing him in.  It makes me very nervous that she doesn't want to wait until the 22nd.  I know it's because they are being cautious, but still.  I also keep going back to what she said in October, in that she didn't feel "it was tumor related," but told me to watch for things like vomiting (which hasn't happened other than when we all caught a stomach bug Thanksgiving week) and extreme fussiness.  While Steven is not "extremely" fussy, he is much fussier and clingier than normal lately.  We also had friends over on Saturday and they noticed that Steven is not his usual happy self.

So now we wait to hear if they will be able to move up Steven's appointment.  (I really don't like waiting!)  The PA also did tell me that if the MRI should come back normal, then we will schedule an EEG.

The only thing that is helping me not to break down right now is the fact that I know, 100% without a doubt, that whatever is going on with Steven, God has a plan and a purpose, even if I do not understand it!

So, in the meantime, I really hope and pray we can get some sleep because this is one tired mama!!!!!

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