8iRWeiXjcKj9kUz5Tebo4_k_FtY Life with Two Special Needs Children: March 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Long Time No Blog Post

Well, once again it has been a very long time since I have come and blogged.  To say life has been crazy would be a total understatement!

It all started with Steven and I getting sick.  We both had sinus infections.  Thankfully it only took Steven one round of antibiotics to get rid of his.  Mine, on the other hand, took three rounds of antibiotics to get rid of and still have a slight cough that appears to be hanging around and I'm ready for it to take a hike!

Then, two weeks ago, I fell down our stairs with my left arm straight out behind me.  I was on either the second or third step from the top, so ended up going down about 13 or 14 steps.  I'm very thankful that I wasn't carrying Steven when it happened and that I wasn't more seriously hurt.  I ended up going to the ER where they took x-rays and determined my shoulder wasn't broken.  The doctor thought it might have been my rotator cuff, but when I went to the orthopedic clinic, they thought there was a slight tear in the bicep and that by resting it and not lifting (yeah right - I have a 2 year old!) that it should heal on its own.  I am to take an anti-inflammatory every day for two weeks and see how it's doing.

Three weeks ago, Steven and Caleb both started hippotherapy.  This is Caleb's third session of hippotherapy and he is doing really well.  He enjoys his time on the horse and we are so thankful for this organization.  Steven wasn't too happy during his evaluation and screamed the entire time, so we weren't sure how he would do the first session.  The only time he cried the first session was when we put his helmet on (he does not like anything on his head) and then when Luke (the horse) stopped moving.  But I'm happy to report, today, which is actually only his third session, and after a two week break due to Spring break last week, Steven did absolutely WONDERFUL!  He didn't even cry when Ms. Heather put his helmet on.  He did try to get off the horse a couple of times by reaching for me, but we were able to keep him up there and finish the session.  He loved it when Luke trotted.  It made this Mommy's heart swell to see the HUGE grin on his face!!!!

Things with Cassidy have been much more difficult.  I will post on that on my other blog soon.

Last week was Spring break and Caleb spent the week at the Arc of Sedgwick County's Spring Break Break.  The Arc is an organization for individuals with intellectual disabilities and it is WONDERFUL!  I am so thankful for their programs.  Even though they had four days of rain, the kids all appear to have had a wonderful time.  Caleb even asked me when I picked him up on Friday when he could go back.  I told him, "May!"  The Arc has a wonderful summer program, called YESS Camp, which provides educational and community activities for the kids.

Cassidy spent last week at our community rec center and the Spring Break Fun Factory that they had.  She had a lot of fun as well.  We have found that the kids do much better being kept busy during their down time during school breaks.  

We had contacted the adoption agency about adopting again; however, it appears that God is giving us a HUGE no on that one!  So we are not pursuing that right now.

March has also brought some big changes to Tony and his position with the government.  He has been temporarily assigned  as the Assistant Director and I couldn't be more prouder of him.  He is doing a wonderful job!!!

The other big news is that we have started a Non-Profit to help other families with children with additional needs to know that they are not alone, that there are services out there to help them and that there is HOPE to get through.  The name of our company is PARENTS' HOPE NETWORK.  So in addition to all of the kids' appointments and everything else, I'll be pretty busy getting things up and running for the non-profit!  Exciting times!!!!

Now, my next big project is figuring out Caleb's summer schedule based on his YESS Camp and his in-support hours and figuring out what activities Cassidy is going to do the month of July and the first couple of weeks of August before school starts, as she's got plans for the entire month of June!

Hopefully it won't take me over three weeks to come back here and update what's going on.