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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Tomorrow, May 8th, is Children's Mental Health Awareness day. In order to help get the word out I had contacted all the local news stations as well as our local newspaper offering to share our story. I only heard back from one and the story was aired this morning. I hope our story makes a difference. http://www.ksn.com/news/local/18775954.html#


starrbutterfly said...


It's MaryAnn from CABF. I saw your post and had to check it out.
You're awesome!
Thank you for helping to get the word out about EOBP. I think you did a world of wonders for Caleb, Cassidy and other kids, like my Paige.
You Rock!

Big Hugs

Doug said...


It's Doug and Beth from Tucson. This blog is a great idea. People's awareness of special needs challenges needs to be increased in our society, but we're especially glad to have more of an awareness of what you guys are going through week by week or as often you post.

We missed seeing you when we came back through town, due to a lack of time.

All our love to you and Tony and these two precious kids you sacrifice for every day. Blessings!