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Thursday, May 15, 2008

School's Almost Out and Preparation for Next Year

Wow, it's hard to believe that school is almost out. Caleb has had an absolutely WONDERFUL kindergarten year. Tony & I are just thrilled that he has done so well. He is talking about all his friends and the things that they do. His great year would not have been possible without the wonderful teachers and staff at his school! He will be with all the same kids and the same teacher next year, which will help him when he starts first grade in August.

Cassidy is finishing up her last year in pre-k and will start kindergarten in August. Hopefully she will take to kindergarten. Right now she doesn't seem real interested in educational items. She'd much rather play.

Within the last month we've had IEP meetings for both kids. Everyone agreed that we'd like to reduce Caleb's one-on-one para hours so that he is more independent. We've also worked in a rest time for him after lunch, as it seems that he has more rage issues when he is extremely tired. With him being in school all day, no one knows what to expect.

Cassidy will have a para for about 45 minutes to help her with her fine motor skills as right now she doesn't have any desire to write letters or numbers. She's going to be attending the School of Mom this summer and hopefully we'll make some progress!

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