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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cardiologist Visit Today - GREAT NEWS!!!!

Three years ago when we received Caleb's diagnosis and prior to starting any medication, Caleb's doctor wanted to run a number of different tests, especially since we didn't have a complete medical history from Caleb's birthparents. One of the tests was an EKG. After it was completed, we learned that there was some concern about the results. They wanted to redo the EKG to make sure it was an accurate result.

The second test's results were the same. So they set us an appointment with the the pediatric cardiologist. When we went in they did another EKG and then the doctor performed an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart). When he came back to the room to discuss the results he told us that Caleb's heart was slightly enlarged. He cautioned us on the types of medications that we should avoid for Caleb. He also wanted to see him back in six months to redo all the tests.

At the second visit to the cardiologist they completed another EKG and echocardiogram. At that time Dr. Allen told us that Caleb's heart size was within the normal range; however, it was on the very high end of normal. He gave Caleb no physical restrictions, but still cautioned us on the medications to avoid. He said that he wanted to see Caleb in two years to redo all the tests.

Today was Caleb's two year check-up with the cardiologist. And I'm very happy to report, that Caleb's heart is just fine!!!!! He said that we don't need to go back, unless at a later time Caleb begins to develop problems.

We are PRAISING God for his provisions of Caleb's health on this issue.

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