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Friday, August 8, 2008

It's August!!

August is here. Where has the year gone. It's hard to believe that we're already in the eighth month. It's been a long summer. Even though we did get away for a week, trying to keep the kids occupied has proven to be a challenge. Caleb has been ready to go back to school for a month now. I just hope that enthusiasm continues when it actually does start on Wednesday.

Cassidy, is another story. She is doing everything and anything that she can to cause problems in the house. She knows what buttons to push and I have fallen into her trap. Tony & I have talked and we have decided to not react (yell and scream!) to her outbursts or things that she does that she knows definitely not to do (like putting feces down her vent!) as that is feeding into her plan! It is so hard!!!!!!

Today was especially hard. Cassidy had a psychiatrist appointment and I was watching a couple of girls for some friends of ours that had to go to the agency for a visit. We got there a little early since I had to drop of A and N at their mom's house for a visit. I decided to run through and get some tater tots for the kids. Cassidy started getting into some papers that were on the floor and I asked her to put them down. She refused. I told her that she was not getting the tater tots. That sent her into orbit. As I was driving down the street she was kicking my seat. Had I not had a psychiatrist appointment for her, I think I would have gone to the police department. Of course, I didn't see a police officer between the agency and the psychiatrist's office!

When we were done we picked up the girls and headed home. We saw three or four (it was such a long morning, that I can't remember!). Cassidy kept telling me that she wanted to stop at the police because she wanted to see them. The girls that are with us today kept telling her that it wouldn't be any fun. But she kept saying that she wanted to go to the police.

She is now in her room having a quiet time, more for me than for her!!

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