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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Caleb's Second Hospitalization

Well, for the second time in Caleb's seven years, we had to hospitalize him at the psychiatric hospital. It was not any easier the second time around. This time, though, the most difficult part was we had to take him two and a half hours away. While it was at the same hospital Cassidy was at, it was still hard to take him and leave him.

Things have been progressively getting worse with Caleb since the end of July when his psychiatrist tried to take him off of one of his medications. We were going up on his new seizure med still. He had been doing really well and his doctor tries to keep the meds as low as possible. Well, that didn't work. We worked since that time to put him back on the med and, eventually, even increased it slightly and when that didn't work, we increased it again.

Everything came to a head Wednesday night when Caleb didn't like what I was cooking for dinner. He tried to flip over our recliner, break the glass on our three-way fireplace and then proceeded to attack me, not once, but TWICE. I knew then that we had to make that ultimate decision for the safety of everyone.

After a while we were able to get Caleb calm enough to put him in the van, make sure he wasn't going to take off his seatbelt, so that we could go to our local Crisis center. Once we got there he refused to get out of the van initally, but finally complied. I told them that we felt he needed to be hospitalized. She told me we'd have to go to Kansas City. I asked her about Stor-Mont Vail and she said she'd try them first.

They had a bed. So I ran home, grabbed some clothes and was going to hit the road with Caleb and N (our 2 year old foster son). I told them we'd be there about 9:30 p.m. Tony decided to go with me so that we could come home right after we completed the admission paperwork so that I wouldn't have to get a hotel room. I'm very grateful Tony decided to go with me because in spots it was raining so hard we could hardly see, especially if we were passing a semi!)

We have such great friends. One of them called and said she'd keep Cassidy and N for us so we wouldn't have to worry about them during the admissions process. We knew we had other friends and my parents praying for us during our drive. I gave Caleb his medicine before we left the house so he slept pretty much the whole way there.

Once we got the initial paperwork done, we went back to the unit, put Caleb to bed and completed the rest of the intake process. In all, the process took one and a half hours - much quicker than when we admitted Cassidy last November. We were back on the road by 11 and home by 1:30.

Thursday I was an emotional wreck. Every time I talked about what was going on I broke into tears. I called to check on Caleb. They told me that I could talk to him, but I didn't want to upset him. I was better that evening and tried to talk to him, but every time I called he was either in the shower or asleep. So I ended up going one whole day without talking to my baby! That was very hard on me.

When I talked to the doctor she said the only thing that Caleb could tell her was the he had a fight with Mom and Mom brought him there. That broke my heart to hear. I hope he knows that I did it to keep him safe!

The plan right as we know it right now is for Caleb to come home on Monday. They have decided to give him an ADHD medicine to see if they can't eliminate some of the impulsive behaviors he's been exhibiting there. They wanted to see how he reacted to it in the hospital. So far, they have not had any problems with him reacting poorly to the med. So hopefully that continues tonight and he can come home tomorrow! I want my baby home where he belongs!!!!

Well, I think that's pretty much it for right now. I'll try and post more later.

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