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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preparing to Close a Chapter in Our Lives

Three years ago Tony and I embarked on a journey of opening our home to foster children.  Over those three years, we have welcomed into our home seven children to live with us full-time; and five to seven children on respite stays, when other foster parents needed help. 

We learned alot during these last three years, including the fact that we are NOT ready for teenagers!

Tomorrow I will dropping off our last foster child at the agency for a visit with her mom and then she will be moving to a kinship placement.  She's been with us for approximately six weeks.  Even if she wasn't going to be moving to the kinship placement, we would have requested that she be moved prior to our July vacation, because we have been feeling that, when our license was due to be renewed July 31st, the Lord was telling us it was time to close it.

While technically our Little Guy is still our foster child, it should be only a matter of time that we will be able to sign the Adoptive Placement Agreement and, hopefully, it won't take too long after that that our attorney will receive the attorney packet so that he can prepare the Petition to Adopt and get us a court date for finalization.

I have mixed feelings about closing our license, but know that it is time.  Things have been so difficult lately with Caleb and Cassidy that it's necessary for us to focus on them and their needs.  Also, our Little Guy's needs are right up there as well.  We meet with our early childhood intervention services team at least three times a month and he has weekly phsycial therapy. 

Being foster parents is a huge commitment, not only to the kids, but you have required number of training hours that you need to have each year, you have monthly visits with your foster care worker and monthly visits with the children's workers - so depending on how many children you have in your home you could have multiple addiitonal people in your home for home visits - meetings to discuss the status of the court orders and court dates, if you decide to go.

I pray that we have made a difference in all of the children that have come through our home and that they know that they were loved and protected during that time!  Lord, please bless all of the children that have been in our home.  Please bring people into their lives that can sow and reap the seeds that we planted while they were with us.  Amen!

So this chapter in our lives will be closing soon and we are looking forward to what the Lord brings us in the future.

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Hi, I'm stopping by from Blog Frog for the first time. In the short bit that I've read, I'm certain you've made a difference in the lives of those foster children. I admire your decision to foster and adopt, as well as choosing to follow the Lord in focusing on the children and needs He's entrusted to you permanently. But I hear you about the mixed feelings. Sometimes I feel guilty that dh and I only adopted one child, but then I look at the therapies, services, meetings, finances, and attention his needs require (sensory issues & learning disabilities) and I have peace that we made the right decision. Feel free to visit prayloveadopt.com or mommyforward.com for more on our story. I pray God's continued blessings on your family.