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Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Camp Barnabas and Vacation - SUCCESS!!! - Part 4

Here is the fourth and final post about our vacation.

So Friday morning arrived and we got ready to go to Camp Barnabas and pick up the kids.  The gates opened at 10 and then we were to meet the kids at their cabins, get their stuff to the cars and then go to the building where they ate their meals and had their parties for a final ceremony.

After we got parked we made a stop at the Shirt Shack and got some t-shirts as well as a video of the week.

We first went to Caleb's cabin.  When we got there he was outside and he looked very upset, not at all happy to see us.  To say I was a little disappointed would be an understatement!  I would have thought he would have been happy to see us.  Robbie, Caleb's counselor, told us that his friend Ryan had just left with his parents.  Caleb was very sad to see his friend Ryan leave.  He did come over and give me a hug and seemed to do better.

We then went to Cassidy's cabin and she was very excited to see us.  While Tony took her bags to the car, we walked to the building where we were to meet and there was so many people there!  All the kids were happy and saying goodbyes to counselors and the friends they'd made.  There were a number of counselors that came up and specifically stopped to give Caleb hugs and tell him they hoped to see him next year.

Waiting for the program.

The place is filling up!

One of the many CIA's that came and told Caleb good-bye.

Best seat in the house!

Robbie, Caleb's wonderful CIA, and Caleb at the program.

Caleb and his buddy Ryan!  I absolutely LOVE this picture!

Singing songs!

Karly, Cassidy's CIA and Cassidy
Once the program was over we left and headed back to our condo.  We stopped at got lunch and McDonalds and then finished our trip.  We relaxed at the condo, while I did laundry and then for dinner we drove to Berryville.  Tony had seen a Chinese "Super Buffet" when we had driven there earlier in the week and said we'd give that a try.  Chinese is Caleb's favorite and because it's a buffet, he usually does very well behavior wise.

When we arrived at the buffet and we walked in we saw the buffet.  All I have to say, it's not a super buffet by Wichita standards, but it would work.  We sat down and Tony went to help Caleb get his food.  To our surprise, they did not have sweet and sour chicken on their buffet.  What Chinese restaurant does not have sweet and sour chicken?!?!?!?!  Despite the fact that the selection was not the greatest, Caleb did really, really well!

After we finished we headed back to our condo, continued packing up and got the kids ready for bed.

Saturday morning we woke up and this is what I saw outside the bedroom window:

The geese right off of our deck!
 They obviously had an idea that it was Saturday because we had not seen geese outside of our unit all week!

This one was a little aggressive towards the others!

We had some extra sandwich rolls left over, so we gave them some breakfast!  They all loved it!

Breakfast time!

We headed home after getting the van packed and dropping off the keys to the office.

All in all, I'd have to say that this was a very successful and relaxing vacation!

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