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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Child Number 2 in Foot Braces

Steven has always had very high muscle tone due to being without oxygen at birth, which is why we've been doing physical therapy and why he's had such difficulty meeting his developmental milestones.  When he began standing he stood on his toes a lot.  Some days he does better than others.  Both physical therapists have discussed numerous times as to whether we should get braces for his feet or not.  Then about six weeks ago, his therapist at the hospital decided it was time, measured, called the developmental pediatrician to get her approval, and ordered them.  For some reason, it took about six weeks to actually receive the braces, and even though he has gone through a growth spurt, we're going to use them until the therapist can get a bigger size from the company and we'll then send these back.  She doesn't want him to be without them since it's taken so long to get them.

Steven is not too keen on the braces being put on, but once they are on he does really well with them.  I had to go buy him some new shoes that the braces would fit in.  I ended up going to Payless and getting two pairs for $21 since it was buy one, get one 50% off and I also had an additional 20% off coupon - BONUS!!!

We will double the time that Steven wears his braces every day for the next couple of days and then he should be able to go as much as we need him to when he's on his feet if he has a high tone day and is on his toes a lot.

Here's some pictures of our sweet little guy with his new braces:

New braces!

The braces up close!

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