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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Physical Therapy Success!!!!

Steven haw been in weekly physical therapy since October of last year due to his developmental delays related to his traumatic birth.  We have also seen a physical therapist from our local early childhood intervention services at least once a month, sometimes twice a month.  We started the weekly therapy because Steven's developmental pediatrician wanted much more consistent therapy that we were not getting with the in-home early childhood intervention service provider, which was having some serious financial issues.

Steven didn't crawl until he was 11 months old.  Now, at 18.5 months he has finally taken steps!!!!  We are so excited!!!  I really hope he is really walking well when we go to court on September 8th to finalize his adoption!!!!

It was actually relatively simple that he started standing and walking today.  While we were at therapy this morning, his therapist had a student working with her.  The therapist let the student take the lead this morning due to an issue with her back.  She had some toys and due to Steven's lack of confidence in standing and how he has to be touching something, the therapist and student talked about whether he held a toy in both hands if that would help.  So they gave it a shot.  The student put toys in each of his hands and held on to them as well.  Then when she felt that Steven was steady on his feet, she'd let go and see if he would stand.  On three different occasions Steven would stand for about three seconds.

Tonight at home when I tried this he actually stood one time about 10 seconds.  Another time he took two steps.  The third time, he stood after I got him steadied on his feet and then took off for about 7 steps.  


After about 7 steps!  Notice the maracas in his hands.  These were his comfort items!!!!

So proud of himself!!!!
Tony came upstairs and we tried again and Steven walked to Daddy!!  Tony turned him around and he walked back to me!  Way to go Steven!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so proud of you!!!!!!!

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Ellen said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved seeing the photos. I can so vividly recall Max's first steps, and just what it felt like. I am sure Steven will keep right on amazing you in 2012.