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Friday, August 12, 2011

Two More Days of Summer Vacation

Last night was Meet Your Teacher night at school.  We took all the kids school supplies and met their teachers.  We already knew Cassidy's teacher, as she was Caleb's homeroom teacher last year.  Although he didn't spend much time in her class, just for social studies and science and special activities.  All of his other academics are taught by his special education teacher, in the FAA class.

We met Caleb's homeroom teacher, but just like last year, he will only be with her during social studies and science and special activities.

Cassidy has a new IR teacher, where she will go for an hour a day to complete work that she was not able to finish during class.  Her IR teacher will also administer her modified state testing this year as per her IEP.

Caleb, over the last couple of days, has been asking me if I would take him to school on Monday to show him where his class was.  I kept reminding him that we'd be going to the school Thursday night.  I also reminded him that Mrs. K. would be at school on Monday and would help him.  Mrs. K. is a wonderful para that has worked with Caleb since his moved to that class in February of second grade.

I thought Caleb was excited about school until tonight.  Tonight he said, "I'm not going to school on Monday!"  Um, that's not an option, buddy!  I did find out today that his bus will come about 20 minutes after Cassidy's, so at least I won't have to be getting them both out the door at the same time.  That was a huge challenge some days last year!  

So, Saturday and Sunday are the last days of summer vacation for 2010.  I'm ready for a regular routine!

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