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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Steven's Physical & Speech Therapy Appointments Today

Today we had a physical therapy appointment for Steven.  We hadn't been for a month, as the therapist said that his gross motor developmental skills were only about a month delayed at the our last appointment and she wanted to let him practice, practice, PRACTICE and see how he does.

At today's appointment, Steven's therapist was THRILLED to see how well he was working.  I told her that he's been doing some toe-walking, but that we can't really pinpoint why he's doing it.  I told her I've been putting his braces back on him, which she said he was fine and just to go with what he needs, in that if he needs them put them on and if he doesn't, don't!

Today she said he has pretty much caught up developmentally to his chronological age, to which I am thrilled.  God made Steven such a fighter!  To look back at the last 23 months and how far Steven has come, I am just amazed!!!!!  To God be all the glory!!!!!!

Steven's therapist said that she wants to see him back in a month since he's still toe-walking.  If it wasn't for the toe-walking she would have said to wait longer than a month, but she wants to keep a close eye on him!

It looks like we may be able to remove physical therapy from our list of services!

Next we met with Steven's speech therapist.  She had a cookie monster toy with cookies to feed it.  Steven did NOT like the noise of the toy, but it sounded like he tried to say "cookie," which he had never tried to say before!  He also started saying, "uh-oh" today!  He's getting there slowly, but surely!!!!

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