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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Caleb EEG #10 or #11 (I've Actually Lost Count!)

Caleb is having an EEG tomorrow and we are working on "Operation Keep Caleb Up" tonight by watching Star Wars Phantom Menace.  Caleb is a HUGE Star Wars fan, but the time that we tried to watch the original first Star Wars, he freaked out the instance that Darth Vader came into the picture.  He found the prequel trilogy that we have and he wanted to watch it yesterday with his worker.  I told him that he needed to watch these with mommy and daddy.  So tonight seemed the best time as any to watch at least one of them.

In the past we have had to keep Caleb up for 24 hours; however, I do not think we're going to last that long tonight.  I am exhausted and will need to drive one van to the hospital, since Tony has to get Cassidy on the bus.  Tony will then come to the hospital.  That way he will also have a vehicle so that in case we get delayed due to Caleb not waking up quick enough from the sedation that they use like last time, he'd be able to come home and get Cassidy off the bus.

So please pray for us as we head to the hospital in the morning for Caleb's EEG.  This is actually just to make sure his medicines are working, since it's been a year since his last EEG, so we're not really expecting anything out of the ordinary.  I did talk to his doctor's office and they're going to do some labs through the IV since they will be sedating him and that way I don't have to have an 80+ pound child squirming on my lap to try and get labs!  Score one for Mom!!!!!

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Hope all goes well.