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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Third EEG in Three Months

So today Steven will have an EEG.  Fortunately, we did not have to keep him up all night like we have had to do for Caleb.  Steven only had to stay up two hours later than his normal bedtime and then I had to get him up two hours before he normally gets up.  With him it's usually a different time, so I went based on the last couple of days, which he's been getting up around 7, so I got him up at 5.  The hardest part of this morning is going to be the fact that he cannot eat or drink before the procedure because they are planning on sedating him.

Steven does not like doctors.  That's what happens when you have been to the doctor as many times as this little guy has been to in his short little life!!!

We should have the results sometime this afternoon.

Hopefully this is our last EEG for a while seeing as how Cassidy had one in March, Caleb had his annual EEG in April and now this one!

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