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Friday, January 4, 2013

What a Start to 2013!

What a start to 2013 this week has been!  The crazy week actually started on New Year's Eve and it hasn't let up.

Monday afternoon, I was piddling around the house and had started the dishwasher.  I had gone into the boys' bathroom because Caleb had fallen asleep in our bed while I was trying to take a nap and he was watching a movie.  All of a sudden, I heard our security system chiming, like someone was opening a door, but I knew it was not time for Tony to be home from work yet.  I checked the panel and it was saying it was one of the downstairs sensors.  When I went downstairs, I saw water dripping from the sensor and a light and then I heard the running water.  I tried to run back upstairs; however, that is quite difficult when you are holding a 35-pound chunk of  two year/almost-three year old squirming child!

I ran to the bathroom and there was water coming out of the toilet.  I knew enough to turn of the water to the toilet and grabbed towels and started sopping up the water.  I called Tony at work and told him what was going on and asked him what to do.  He told me to check with my neighbors.  Well, the only two neighbors that we actually know that I felt comfortable asking for help were not home.  I started calling our small group and all of the guys were at work.

Tony got a hold of one of his friends and he came over and a friend of ours came over with her father-in-law.  We spent a good portion of the evening getting things cleaned up.  Thankfully, the carpet in the basement didn't get super wet.  Tony went and got a fan and put it in the open space between the floors to try and dry out what was standing on the basement ceiling.  Being New Year's Eve night; however, Lowe's closed at 6:00. I ran to Wal-Mart to try and find a dehumidifier.  No such luck.  Decided to try Menards.  Thankfully, they were open until 8:00 p.m.  I asked at the front desk and they told me to go to aisle 44 and they would be right there.  Well, guess what, I could not find an aisle 44!  I walked pretty much all over that store and finally found another employee and he told me where they were at.  Lo and behold they had them right next to the stoves and range tops, because that's a logical place for them, right?  Well, anyway, I picked us up dinner and got back home.  I was so exhausted by the time I got the boys in bed, I couldn't move!

Tuesday was a fairly uneventful day.  We stayed home and watched football all day.  Didn't even get out of our jammies, which felt good.  I took down our Christmas tree and went through a bunch of boxes and got things ready to donate.

Wednesday, Caleb went back to school and Steven had speech in the morning.  I then had some other errands I needed to run.  Tony had checked and we still had a lot of standing water.  We decided we needed to call the professionals to help us as well as our insurance agent (which I had already called him on Monday).  So in comes two guys bringing six or seven fans and three dehumidifiers.  And they told me this was a "small" job.  I really would have hated to have had a BIG job!  They sprayed some stuff so that we wouldn't get mold and/or mildew.  They tested the carpet and thankfully that was dry, but our carpet padding was going to need to be replaced.  They ripped up the linoleum in the boys' bathroom, which we'll have to get replaced.  They are going to clean out our air ducts to make sure that we do not get mold or mildew growing in there. 

Tony went back to work Wednesday as well and had to teach Wednesday night, so he didn't get home until late.  He came home and put down the garage door.  I didn't hear anything, but he was looking in the garage like he had heard something, but then seemed satisfied that everything was okay.  Well, Thursday morning when he tried to leave for work, the garage door would not open.  Sure enough, one of the springs on our garage door had split in two!  So we had to manually lift the garage door.  I had to hold the door up while Tony backed both vans out of the garage.  And that door is HEAVY!!!!!!  So I had to call and the garage door people to come and fix that.  Thankfully, they were able to come out Thursday afternoon and get us fixed relatively quickly.  The door has two springs, so we went ahead and replaced both springs, not knowing when the second one might decide to pop as well.  With the way things had been going it would have been just our luck that we would have just replaced the one spring and that very night or the next night the second spring would have given way.  It just seemed quite logical to do them both and only pay ONE labor charge!

On Wednesday we received a copy of the actual screening report written regarding Cassidy.  I read it Wednesday evening and was FIT. TO. BE. TIED!!!!!!  There was so much written in there that was taken way out of context and misinterpreted that I am furious.  I have spoken with Cassidy's case manager and therapist about it and they both agree with me, as they both  heard what I was saying, but what was written was not close to be representative of that.  Her therapist is even going to see if there is a way they can get some of that removed from the report.  Because, in her words, "that language is very defamatory" to me.

So yesterday was a pretty emotional day dealing with the report I had received from the screener and then dealing with all of the mess of the flooding and the garage door.  I then had a family therapy session with Cassidy, which was interesting, so there was no time for a nap. And we needed to keep Caleb up as late as  possible because today he had to have an EEG to make sure his seizure medication is working.  I was sooooo tired before it even became time for bed.  I ended up not taking my night meds until just before 2 a.m. because I knew if I did there was no way I'd be able to stay awake.  So right now, I am typing this on four hours of sleep -- so hopefully it makes sense!!!!!

Caleb's EEG has now been completed and I am waiting for him to wake up. 

Doesn't he look so peaceful and innocent sleeping there?!?!?!?!

As I was sitting here waiting for pictures to upload to an app on my phone, it hit me that eleven years ago this weekend we received a call from our agency that ultimately led us to Caleb's birthmother and Caleb coming into our lives.  I think that will have to be another blog post in and of itself!

But this first few days of 2013 have sure been a roller coaster!


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The year just HAS to get better!