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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Review: "No One to Trust" by Lynette Eason

The beginning of December, I received an e-mail from Revell Books about their January Blog Tour and was very happy to see that Lynette Eason's "No One to Trust" was part of this blog tour.  I had been anxiously awaiting this book to be released ever since I finished her Deadly Reunion series last year.

When I received my book, I began reading it almost immediately and certainly was not disappointed.  From the prologue, I was hooked.  As I kept reading through Chapters one and two when I was learning about the two main characters, David Abernathy and Summer Abernathy, my heart went out to Summer Abernathy for what she was going through.

Ms. Eason does a wonderful job describing each scene that makes you feel like you are actually in the situation with the characters.  There were many nights where I started reading and would literally be falling asleep and have to force myself to put it down.  However, the night I finished it, I was so caught up in what was happening and wanted to see how it ended, that I couldn't sleep and kept reading until I finished!

In the story, Ms. Eason references a song entitled, "Wake," that helps Summer Abernathy, who happens to be a lawyer, and one of her clients.  Ms. Eason's husband and his band actually recorded the song and it is on her website for download.  You can listen to clip of the song here.  If you do purchase the song, all of the funds raised go to http://www.cupsofcoldwater.com/.

I highly recommend you read "No One to Trust."  I do not think you will be disappointed!  You will be able to pick up a copy at your local bookstore or any online retailer.

I was provided a copy of "No One to Trust" by Revell Books in exchange for my honest review.  My thoughts are my own and in no way have been influenced by anyone.

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