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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Foster Care License CLOSED!

With the adoption of Steven FINALLY making progress - we signed the Adoptive Placement Agreement, which no longer considers him our foster child, but a child placed for the purpose of adoption - we signed the necessary form to request that our license be closed and sent the hard copy of our license to our foster care worker to be returned to KDHE.

It was bittersweet to sign that paper.  I pray constantly that we made a difference in the lives of the children that were in our home!!!

I'm thankful that things are finally progressing with Steven's adoption.  I learned today that the Consent packet should be sent to the SRS attorney sometime this week, which means our attorney should receive the Consent and attorney packet sometime in August.  At that point he would be able to prepare the necessary Petition and get us a court date for FINALIZATION!  For now, I'm just enjoying the fact that we are on the very near end of this process.

Steven's worker will still have to come monthly to have his worker/child visit, but with the closing of our license, we have eliminated our monthly foster care worker home visits.  While they really weren't that big of a deal, it was just another person we had coming into the house.  We're really trying to scale back our lives.  Between Caleb's workers, the Rainbows workers for Steven, all of the therapy and doctor's appointments, even having one less visit a month is going to make a difference.

I took Steven to his physical therapist appointment this morning.  She got approval from his developmental pediatrician to go ahead and order braces for him.  He loves to stand on his toes.  He has gotten better, but with him going to be 18 months old on the 30th and the fact that he is not walking yet, she felt that it was time to take that step.  We've been talking about it off and on for six months.  But now, it's time!  Besides, with having the Adoptive Placement Agreement signed, we were able to put Steven on our insurance, which should pay for the braces.

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