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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Camp Barnabas and Vacation - SUCCESS!!! - Part 3

Here's the third post about our vacation.

Wednesday we hung around our condo in the morning.  I had called and checked our messages and had a message the day before from our vet about Bailey, our 12-year old dog, who was at the kennel and was having some lab work done.  She mentioned there was a problem with her CBC and was going to redo the tests.  I called that morning and left a message and we didn't want to be out and about and not have signal in case the vet called back.  She eventually called back and said there must have been a problem with the sample because they redid the test and the numbers were fine.  Although there was some concern about her urine sample as well, but they were going to recheck that as well.

After the call, we ended up getting ready and head out to the Onyx Cave.  We've always wanted to do a cave tour whenever we've gone to Branson, but weren't sure how Caleb would do, so it was a perfect time to go while he was at camp.    It was interesting.  I was expecting it to be much cooler in the cave than it actually was.  We weren't able to take the stroller in, so it was difficult trying to carry Steven throughout the cave.

On Thursday we got up and went and took a ride on the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railway.  It was a nice ride - albeit very warm!

Waiting for the trip!

Getting ready to hook up the engine.

After the train ride, we grabbed lunch and then ran over to the Passion Play Center.  I really wanted to do the Living Bible Tour, but it was sooooo hot!  Tony said we'd try it, since we didnt' have plans to go back.  First, we drove to see the Christ of the Ozark statute.

Absolutely amazing!

The view was spectacular!

Near the statute, they have an actual section from the Berlin Wall.

Then we went and got our tickets to the Living Bible Tour.  We made it about halfway through the program and Steven and I were not handling the heat well, so we ended up leaving.  I hated to leave, but knew that our health was much more important.

Woman at the Well!

Part 4 and the final post still to come!

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Lynnette Kraft said...

Looks like a great time! I've never been to Arkansas, but I've been close in Missouri! :)

I've wanted to go in the cave at Silver Dollar City, but it's never quite worked out with the company we've been with - namely our own little kids! ha!

Fun times!