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Monday, August 1, 2011

August - The Month of Appointments!!!!

Well, it's August 1st and in just two short weeks Caleb and Cassidy will go to the first day of school and start fourth and third grades.  This summer has not been nearly as stressful on me trying to keep them occupied, in that they have both been very busy with various camps.  YESS Camp was wonderful for Caleb.  Time will only tell if his education skills stayed the same or not.

Cassidy attended two Vacation Bible Schools at different churches, Day Camp at our church, drama camp and math academy.  Caleb also did another week of Lose the Training Wheels.  And, most importantly, the kids attended Camp Barnabas!  All in all, I'd have to say that this summer vacation was one of the best that we have experienced!!!

August has turned into the month of appointments.  I ways have a lot of appointments, but I think this month is going to set a record!  I already have scheduled for the month, so there will be more appointments added to the schedule!

Caleb - Eye Doctor (per the Geneticist's referral), which we completed earlier this morning; psychiatrist and neurologist.

Steven - Pediatrician for 18 month physical; neurologist; and ENT, on top of his four physical therapy appointments at the hospital and one physical therapy appointment in the home.  I'm also waiting to hear from the Speech Therapist from his in-home program to schedule our appointments with her for August 

I still also have to schedule Cassidy's therapy appointments for August, so there will be more added to the schedule 

Oh, it's going to be a busy month!!!!!

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