8iRWeiXjcKj9kUz5Tebo4_k_FtY Life with Two Special Needs Children: Hippotherapy

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Two weeks ago Caleb started his second 10 week session of hippotherapy.  It's amazing how different he is on the horse.  The first week he had a very difficult time focusing on the tasks that his OT was asking him to.  However, once he got on the horse and got going he was focused, focused, FOCUSED!  It continues to amaze me the difference an animal can make in a person's life!

Here are a few pictures from week 1.

Greeting Luke!

Ms. Kori is reminding Caleb that he cannot squeeze Luke with his legs or Luke will be confused.

Time to get on.

Getting on by himself.
 It's amazing the difference in Caleb.  Last March when Caleb started, he would not get on the horse without help.  Then when he was actually on the horse he would scream, "I'm going to die."  The difference is AMAZING!!!!

Getting situated in the middle.

"Walk on, Luke."

Two of the three amazing volunteers that it takes to run each hippotherapy session along with the  therapist.

Zach and his sister Anna (not pictured) were two of the volunteers that worked with Caleb last spring and over the summer as well.

I hoped to get more pictures, but Steven got fussy and wanted to be held.  I am so thankful for this program! We are hoping Steven will be able to do this in March as well.

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Ellen said...

Hippotherapy rocks! It helped build up Max's core strength, and also taught him how to hold onto something, the handlebar; before that, Max never knew how to grasp on stuff.

I agree, it really is amazing the difference an animal can make in a person's life... especially a kid with special needs.