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Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking Ahead to October

As I sit here I keep thinking about how busy my October is going to be.  Both Caleb and Cassidy have psychiatrist appointments, Caleb has hippotherapy every Wednesday and an appointment with the geneticist, Steven has speech therapy every Wednesday, one appointment with the physical therapist to discuss what the developmental pediatrician says and see how he's doing, an appointment with the developmental pediatrician and an evaluation for hippotherapy, Cassidy has therapy and a nueropsych appointment, I have therapy and a physical appointment.  Oh, it's going to be a very busy month!

Steven's appointment with the developmental pediatrician is a big appointment.  We will learn at that appointment as to whether or not she is still concerned about cerebral palsy.  Steven turns 20 months old today. He has finally started walking, but he is still not talking, which is why we have started weekly speech therapy.  Anything and everything we can do to help him!  I am not at all worried about him getting the cerebral palsy diagnosis.  However, if he does get it, I want to move forward with getting him on the necessary waiting list for future services, which we obviously will do as soon as possible.

The other big appointment is Caleb's geneticist appointment.  Since our first appointment last November, Caleb has had numerous tests (I don't even truly know how many actual tests that there were or even what they all were).  From our understanding all of these tests have come back negative.  While that's a VERY good thing, there's also still something that is causing the fact that Caleb's IQ has dropped so dramatically and the fact that he has lost skills and is very much a 2 year old in a 9 year old, 80 pound body!  I really want some answers, but am concerned about what it's going to take to get those answers (or even if there's a possibility to get answers!)

To top it off my dishwasher still is not fixed.  I feel very spoiled and want to jump up and down demanding my dishwasher be fixed.  I am very grateful that I have food to be able to eat and feed my family, so that I actually have dishes to do!  (But I do want my dishwasher!)  I found out today that our warranty company is actually trying to figure out whether it is more cost-effective to repair our dishwasher or whether they're going to replace it.  I'm actually crossing my fingers for a new one!  The motor is locked up and the repair place told me that the part is well over $200 and that doesn't include labor. So hopefully I will find out soon what the decision is!

Is is November yet?

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