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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October is Sensory Awareness Month

We first learned of Sensory Processing Disorder (or Sensory Integration Disorder) back when Caleb was four and he was evaluated by an occupational therapist and given that diagnosis.  Once we learned more about it, the more it made sense.

At the age of 2 Caleb was very light sensitive, he did not like baths, especially getting his hair washed, getting his hands dirty, the noise of the vacuum cleaner, the hair dryer, getting his nails clipped, getting his hair cut. He would also fall hard on the floor and run into walls constantly.

Now, that we understand what sensory processing disorder is, I knew exactly what was going on with Steven when he started banging his head on the floor or on his crib, banging his legs on the floor, the time that he gave himself a rug burn from the carpet and didn't even cry, and not to forget his oral texture aversion issues!

When Caleb was first demonstrating issues, the biggest issues was his sensitivity to sunlight.  We took him to the eye doctor and she could not even look in his eyes because he screamed so badly that she didn't want to traumatize him.  We were referred to a pediatric eye specialist, because we were told that he would sedate Caleb for the exam.  WRONG!!!!  It was the first time (and not the last) doctor's appointment that I left in tears.

This doctor did not have a sensitive side to him at all and he refused to sedate Caleb for an exam.  It took three of us to hold Caleb down and someone had to hold his eyes open.  Caleb screamed the entire time.  When I explained Caleb's diagnosis, I really think that he thought I was making things up!

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with Caleb's eyes, it was just the sensory issues; however, that's very difficult sometimes to handle.  We tried sunglasses and hats, all to no avail.  Thankfully that sensitivity has diminished greatly.  However, there are numerous things that are still there and we are continuing to work on them, especially during his hippotherapy sessions!

Here is some great articles on exactly what Sensory Processing Disorder is.  If you have any concern about your child, please, please, PLEASE have a consult with an occupational therapist!!!  It can really help you and your child!

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Go to SPD Blogger Network to find much more information from parents about SPD.

And you can go to Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation  for much more information!

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