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Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Thankful for the Medical Professionals in Our Life

This morning I had to take Steven to see his developmental pediatrician for a follow-up appointment.  I came away from that appointment this morning so thankful to God for the professionals that he has put in our lives.

You see, when your children have as many medical professionals handling their medical needs as our children do, there can be some not so nice doctors.  We've had a couple - two in particular come to mind (but I won't name names!!!)!  But for the most part, we have been very, VERY fortunate to have some wonderful doctors and therapists in our corner that have not made us feel like we are the problem and they want to do everything in their power to help and guide us along the way.  And that I can only attribute to God's grace He has showered upon our family!  Having a team of doctors that work with you makes things go so much more smoothly for all involved.  Yes, I may have to wait in the doctor's office for appointments, even after our scheduled appointment time, but I know that with all of our doctors, I will be given the same time and attention as other patients and their families.

Thank you, Lord, for providing the knowledge and the training to the professionals in our lives!  We are so blessed!

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