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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Developmental Pediatrician Appointment

So last Thursday I took Steven to his developmental pediatrician appointment.  We're always there about two hours and this appointment was no exception.  First we met with a PT from the hospital that does some OT/PT evals for the doctor before we see her.  Then we waited for her to come in.

The doctor came in and saw Steven walking around.  She was THRILLED!  We discussed what he was doing, what he wasn't doing, the fact that the adoption is final and that we started weekly speech therapy at the hospital since we have not had consistent speech services with our early childhood provider for about 30 minutes.  I gave her a copy of the speech evaluation so that she would have that as well.  Since we do not have a lot of information regarding Steven's birthparents, she's going to request pre-authorization from our insurance to do some genetics testing, hoping that it might provide us some insight into things that could potentially come up in the future regarding Steven.  (Our insurance is absolutely going to love us!  NOT!!!!!!  Especially seeing as how they have gotten a bill for almost $10,000 in genetics testing for Caleb and that was just one round of two that Caleb has gone through this year!)

She then did the physical exam and didn't feel the high muscle tone that she has felt in the past.  So once again she is not ready to give a cerebral palsy diagnosis for him.  She did tell me that it does not mean that it might not be a possibility in the future if things should change.

All in all, I left there feeling very good about the progress that Steven has made in the last six months since we saw her last.  We can continue doing what we're doing to help him and don't have to return to her for 9 months (or until we get notice that they insurance is going to approve the testing and we have to go into the office for blood work!

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