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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Past Couple of Weeks Have Been Crazy!!!!

I really thought that when November hit things would slow down, but no, I've been as busy as ever.  I've had a couple down days; however, for the most part I've been going, going and going!

Steven has been sick with the sinus crud for over a month.  I took him to the doctor eleven days ago and she put him on an antibiotic and we've been doing allergy medicine, trying to dry up his sinuses.  He got better for a couple of days and then Friday it came roaring back!  We finished the antibiotic yesterday, so today we headed back to the doctor and she prescribed a second round of antibiotics.  Steven is absolutely miserable.  His voice is raspy and his nose keeps running, no matter how much I wipe and suction!  He has not been sleeping well, so guess who else has not been sleeping well!  This Momma!!!!!

Caleb's been doing fairly well.  We're having minor meltdowns, but their manageable for the most part.  Caleb has his last hippotherapy sessions for this 10 weeks on Wednesday.  He's done really well and I'm so pleased with it.  His school work though is not going as well.  He is reading slower, so his comprehension is decreasing.  His teacher has also started some multiplication facts with him and he came home with a sheet where the first time he did it he got all of the problems wrong.  Caleb always does very well at math and loves it, so I was quite surprised, as is his teacher.  But she's just going to keep working at it.  He is such a puzzle and no one knows what to think.  We finally heard back a couple of weeks ago that Caleb's MRI looks good, so the Geneticist is not concerned at this time about any type of neurodegenerative condition.  We need to go back to the developmental pediatrician and I need to call and follow up on getting that appointment set up, as well as see if they have heard anything from our insurance about whether they'll pay from some genetics testing for Steven.

Cassidy has been a much bigger challenge lately.  Tony and I are a united front, which is the most important thing, and for which I am very thankful.  Just getting her to do simple things is a battle.  I am very anxious for January/February to get here so we can get the comprehensive evaluation completed and the results to better know how to help her!  I know we'll get there, just some days are much more draining than others!!!!

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Acceptance with Joy said...

Just found your blog. Wow! You have to be amazing!!! We have two adopted special needs kiddos - but less overwhelming needs. May God give you energy!!