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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Survived the Marathon of Appointments in October!

As I posted here I had a lot of doctor and therapy appointments last month.  It was an INSANE month!!!!  But we all survived!!!!

To top it off, my dishwasher was broke the entire month!!!!  The motor was replaced in it twice, but it was finally determined that it was not repairable.  We were finally able to get a brand new dishwasher through our home warranty, so seven weeks, lots of phone calls and aggravation, and $80 later ($60 service fee and $20 disposal fee to remove and discard our old dishwasher), we have a brand new dishwasher!  I am so thankful for that!

I ended up having to schedule an appointment with Steven's neurologist as well this month that was totally not planned.  He's been having some occasional tremors in his right arm and with his medical history we needed to get it looked at.  Also, ever since he started walking he keeps his right arm either right by his side or pulled up right next to his chest and then he started walking on the toes on his right foot after we saw the tremors.  So we started putting his braces back on him.  At the appointment I was able to learn some more tests and things that he went through the first 10 days of his life, which was helpful.  Right now the PA at the neurologist office just feels that he is very weak on his right side and we need to ramp up the physical therapy to focus specifically on strengthening his right side.   She does not believe it is seizure related.  We go back in two months to see if there is any change.  It is possible at some in the future she may order an MRI to be done to take a closer look at his brain.

We met with the neuropsychologist with Cassidy last week.  He definitely sees the need to do the extensive testing and we will be doing that in January, when he had a cancellation.  He told us that he really wished he could get her in a lot sooner, but he is just that booked.  I can understand that as he is very good at what he does.  He's the doctor that did Caleb's evaluation almost two years ago!

We finally heard back from the genetics counselor about Caleb's MRI and SPECT scan that the geneticist was concerned about and that I blogged about previously in this post.  The doctor reviewed those scans himself as well as with a radiologist.  We are very pleased to hear that the scan looks good and at this time they do not believe that there is any further genetic testing or neurodegenerative testing that needs to be performed.  What that does mean is that even though everyone recognizes the fact that Caleb's skills and IQ has regressed over the past few years, no one can find a cause to it.  Right now it is just a mystery!  We are waiting to hear back from the developmental pediatrician about following up with her.

As of right now, November is looking to be a much calmer month appointment wise, for which I am very thankful!!!!

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