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Sunday, December 11, 2011

So Very Tired!

The last three weeks have been very tiring!  Steven was sleeping through the night and then all of a sudden he started waking up in the middle of the night, rocking on all fours and purposefully hitting his head on the rails of his crib.  I could go in and re-position him in the middle of his crib and put his blankets on him and he would go right back to sleep.  Only to be awoken to the sound of head-banging again an hour or so later.  Since that started he has been much fussier than normal, much clingier than normal and we're left wondering what is going on.

I had taken him the neurologist at the end of October because he started walking on his right toes and holding his right arm up across his chest when he walked or right by his side and not swinging it.  We had also seen some small tremors in his hands and legs.  They were not concerned about seizures and didn't think it was a tumor.  I was told that we could do an MRI, but because of the results of his MRI in the hospital when he was born (which I didn't know he had had because we weren't given all of that information) and the symptoms were relatively minor in relation to everything that he had been through at birth, they didn't think it would give us enough information to put him through the sedated MRI at this time.  Although, she did tell me some things to look for and said if those happened we would definitely do the MRI sooner rather than later.

Then the head-banging started at night.  He wasn't doing it during the day and was taking a good nap.  I thought maybe it was just a phase and he would stop.  We kept our same night time routine and still the head banging continued.  I took Steven to the pediatrician on Thursday to have his ears checked, even though he wasn't showing signs that his ears were bothering him.

I told his pediatrician about our visit to the neurologist, what had been going on the head-banging, the fact that we've seen him starting to hold his left arm closer to his body and chest, as well as the right, and how much fussier and clingier he has gotten, especially in the last few days prior to our visit.  It was to the point, especially later in the day, I couldn't get anything done without Steven wanting to be held.  Steven's pediatrician didn't find anything on the exam that would cause her any concern.  She told me she would call and talk to the neurologist's PA, whom we had seen at our last appointment, and together they would determine what we needed to do next.

We had some friends over for dinner Friday night and they even commented on how different Steven seems.

I received a call from the neurologist's office on Friday.  We have an appointment with them on Monday afternoon at 1:20 and an MRI is scheduled for December 22nd.  Praying that we get some answers (and some sleep)!

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GB's Mom said...

Praying! Waiting to the 23 sounds so hard.