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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Steven's MRI - The Results

We made it out of the hospital in time to go to Steven's neurologist to get the results.

Thankfully, we learned that there are NO tumors in his sweet little head or anything that would be signs of a neurodegenerative condition!  Praise GOD!!!!!!!

I was told that they do not know why he has weakness on his right side, if it is going to a long-term condition or whether it's going to go away.  Also, they do not know why he is waking up in the middle of the night and banging his head on the crib.  We were told to have a Merry Christmas and they'd see us in three months!

While I am very grateful that there is not a serious issue, we would still like to know something more, because obviously there's something going on, everyone agrees on that!  But for now we will just continue keep on keeping on!!!!

Last night we decided to have Steven sleep in the pack 'n play.  We actually have one that is square that's actually considered a play yard, so I put that up in the living room and slept on the couch so I could be close to Steven.  I was on the couch and asleep before 9:30 and slept until about 5:00 when heard Steven start rocking back and forth and hitting the mesh on the side of the pack 'n play.  At least he wasn't hurting his little head!!!!

So I am praising God for the great news!!!!  And we will just continue to take things day-by-day, just like always and watch him and see how things go.  If he still seems to have the weakness at his 2 year check-up, I'll talk to his pediatrician about it then, but will also talk to his physical therapist at our next appointment.

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