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Monday, February 20, 2012

What Do You Get When Your Sensory System is Out of Whack?!?!?!

Tony and I have dealt with sensory issues with Caleb since he was a very young child.  His sensory issues have ranged from very sensitive to sun, not liking water, especially bath, he didn't like to wear certain clothes, tags bothered him, he didn't like to get his nails trimmed or his hair cut (well, he still doesn't like his hair being cut!), the sound of the vacuum cleaner, plus he needed a lot of deep input by running into walls or falling HARD on the floor, just to name a few!  We did over a year of occupational therapy with him and was told at the end that she had taken him as far as he was going to go.  Well, when we started hippotherapy last Spring, we learned that wasn't true, because he's made some more progress in his sensory areas.

When Steven was placed with us, we were brought into another set of sensory issues.  A lot of Steven's sensory issues surround textures, but he also sought deep pressure input by laying on his back and kicking his legs hard into the floor.

However, a new type of sensory input surfaced last November, where Steven will put his head on the floor and sit on the floor (or in his crib/bed) and rock back and forth.  When Steven puts his head on the floor and rocks, he will give himself a rug burn - and doesn't even cry because he doesn't feel the pain (which is another one of his sensory issues).  But this is what you get when your sensory system is out of whack:

We have started weekly occupational therapy and Steven will also start hippotherapy in March, so we're hopeful that we can get his sensory system back in line!

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