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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Very Busy and Stressful Summer is Over - Part 1

While I know technically it is still summer, when the kids go back to school in our house, summer is officially over.  To say that this has been a crazy summer would be a total understatement.

The day after school ended in May, Caleb started his YESS (Youth Education and Summer Socialization) program at the Arc of Sedgwick County.  I am so thankful for that program.  Not only did it keep Caleb involved in a lot of activities, including an education portion four mornings a week, but he got to do a lot of fun things and hang out with a lot of people!

Caleb had many firsts this summer.  He did four overnights with his camp.  I don't think it was big of a deal to him as it was for me.  I really expected a phone call the first night to come and pick him up.  But he did great.

He also went on a two night, three day trip to Kansas City with the camp.  Now, that was a big deal for this momma!!!!

He had a wonderful worker this summer and I am so grateful!  Caleb had a lot of fun and did a lot of fun things.  It really helped keep him on a good schedule for starting back to school!

Enjoying the carousel at Frontier City.
Caleb and one of his friends after a long day at Camp!

Caleb and Melissa!

Slip and Slide down a hill!

Horseback Riding

At the farm!
Caleb and his worker, Melissa!!!

Due to the length of this post already, I will post about Steven and Cassidy's summer in separate posts soon!

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