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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have a lot to be thankful for - my husband and children, our home, my husband has a great job, we are not fighting medical conditions like cancer.  And I am very, VERY thankful for those things!  In light of the devastation of Japan, our problems seem non-significant to what Japan is enduring.

Today, I am very thankful for wonderful ladies that God has brought into my path through the Women's Bible Study program at our church.  The last couple of weeks, I have felt very needy with my prayer requests as a lot has been going on with the kids - Caleb's having to be restrained at school for the first time with actual school police involvement (and a second time - much less severe), Cassidy has been much more oppositional and mouthy lately, and the continuing delays and uncertainties related to the issues surrounding Steven's adoption.  There's been weeks I've gone to Bible study and ended up in tears.  Yet, everyone has just prayed for us and continues to pray for us.  I am very thankful for those prayers and they are being felt.

I'm also thankful for our children's doctors.  I have never felt like our children's doctors have ever felt that the things that we were concerned about were minor things or that we are making things up.  I had forwarded a copy of the restraint form to Caleb's neurologist to let him know what had happened at school, as he had mentioned in the past that if it came to the point that Caleb was not able to be contained at school, he had already started talking to the developmental pediatrician we saw about trying to get Caleb into Heartspring, a school in Wichita for children with Autism.  I received a call from one of the doctor's assistants today asking whether Caleb would need sedation for an EEG.  I told her I didn't know he needed an EEG.  Evidently, Caleb's doctor is concerned enough about the issue at school, that he feels it is necessary to have an EEG done.  Caleb's last EEG was done when he was in the hospital in August.  With as irritable as Caleb has been lately, I told her that I felt that Caleb would need the sedation.  So now I wait to hear when that will be scheduled.

I also received a message last night from Caleb's genetics counselor.  The last time we spoke a few weeks ago, they were still waiting on one test that was done just before Christmas to come back.  She had told me then that if that test came back normal the geneticist already had more tests that he wanted to be done.  Since in her message she said that she was wanting to discuss further testing, I'm taking that to mean that the last test came back normal.  She told me to call her nurse and she could fill me on the tests since she'd be out at a conference the rest of this week.  I'm waiting to hear back on that.

So here I am in waiting mode again, but am thankful that we have great medical professionals on our side working to try and find answers for our Caleb. 

Thank you, Lord, for bringing us to people who care about our kids and are looking for answers and for people who are willing to support us in prayer during the times I struggle.

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